Corporate Actions

Notice numberUpdatedEffectiveEvent TypeSymbol
BinckBank NV 20181217 May 2019To be Announcedexpand  Merger/Takeover (Updated)expand  BINCKBANK NV
Wessanen 20190410 Apr 2019To be Announcedexpand  Merger/Takeoverexpand  WESSANEN
Sky 20161210 Oct 2018To be Announcedexpand  Merger/Takeover (Updated)expand  SKY
Energias de Portugal 20180515 May 2018To be Announcedexpand  Merger/Takeoverexpand  ENERGIAS DE PORTUGAL
SNS Reaal NV 20130210 Mar 2016To be Announcedexpand  Nationalisationexpand  SNS REAAL
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles 20190517 May 201920 May 2019expand  Special dividend/Return of Capital (Updated)expand  FIAT CHRYSLER AUTOMOBILES
TomTom20190517 May 201923 May 2019expand  Return of Capital and Consolidation (Updated)expand  TOMTOM NV
Coca Cola HBC 20190515 May 201904 Jul 2019expand  Special dividend/Return of Capitalexpand  COCA-COLA HBC
Petroleum Geo-Services ASA 20190510 May 201913 May 2019expand  Change of ISIN/Change of Nameexpand  PETROLEUM GEO-SERVICES
Eurazeo 20190508 May 201909 May 2019expand  Bonus issue (Updated)expand  EURAZEO
Hannover Rueck SE 20190408 May 201909 May 2019expand  Special dividend/Return of Capital (Updated)expand  HANNOVER RUCK SE
Alstom 20190508 May 201915 Jul 2019expand  Special dividend/Return of Capital (Updated)expand  ALSTOM
Natixis SA 20190506 May 201931 May 2019expand  Special dividend/Return of Capitalexpand  NATIXIS
Atos 20190203 May 201903 May 2019expand  Distribution of Shares (Updated)expand  ATOS ORIGIN SA
Flughafen Zurich 20190326 Apr 201929 Apr 2019expand  Special dividend/Return of Capital (Updated)expand  FLUGHAFEN ZURICH
Aalberts Industries 20190426 Apr 201929 Apr 2019expand  Change of ISIN/Change of Nameexpand  AALBERTS INDUSTRIES NV
WM Morrison Supermarkets 20190417 Apr 201923 May 2019expand  Special dividend/Return of Capitalexpand  MORRISON (WM) SUPERMARKETS
Ferguson 20190416 Apr 201910 May 2019expand  Restructureexpand  FERGUSON
CA181129DE12 Apr 201912 Apr 2019expand  Merger/Takeover (Updated)expand  PARROT
Novartis AG 20190308 Apr 201909 Apr 2019expand  Demerger/Spin-off (Updated)expand  NOVARTIS