More Choices With Euronext’s Single Stock Dividend Futures

Single Stock Dividend Futures are exchange-traded derivatives contracts that allow investors to take positions on dividend payments.

Euronext’s Single Stock Dividend Futures complement its existing dividend index future offering (CAC 40 Dividend Index Future and AEX Dividend Index Future), giving market participants additional investment strategies.

Why trade Single Stock Dividend Futures?

  • Benefit from an efficient hedging tool helping you to manage your dividend exposure
  • Diversify your portfolio by investing in a new asset class
  • Exclusive new trading opportunities: more than 150 contracts in our range can only be traded via Euronext, including many of our new SSDFs on U.S. underlyings

Single Stock Dividend Futures- a class of their own

Dividends are a key component for holders of equity and equity derivatives and are used mostly as a hedging tool. However, dividends are also becoming an asset class of their own: a dividend investment can be seen as corresponding to an equity investment, while often proving more resilient and less volatile than stocks.

Market Makers

Company: BNP Paribas
Contact: Yanis Escudero
Tel: +33 (0)1 55 77 43 89

Execution Brokers

Company: OTCex Group
Contact: Jeremy Cohen - Head of Europe Equity Derivatives
Tel: +44 20 79 59 00 35

Company: Key Capital Partners
Contact: Edoardo Fabris - Equity derivatives broker
Tel: +34 914 905 385

Company: Key Capital Partners
Contact: Javier Tomás- Equity derivatives broker
Tel: +34 914 905 385

To find out more about the benefits of trading Single Stock Dividend Futures please contact us:

  • Amsterdam: +31 20 721 4261
  • Brussels: +32 2 620 1540
  • Lisbon:+351 21 060 0626
  • London: +44 20 7076 0907
  • Paris: +33 1 70 48 2843

We are grateful to the firms which have already chosen Euronext for their dividend investment.

Nicolas Certner - Equity Derivatives Trader, BNP Paribas
"BNP Paribas, pioneer in dividend trading, is proud to work closely with Euronext on the development of their outstanding single stock dividend futures suite. Euronext has taken the path of providing a wide product range, offering more transparency, better liquidity and aggressive pricing. BNP Paribas, acting as a market maker on the single stock dividend futures, is directly contributing to Euronext's success."

Benjamin Clerget - Associate Partner and Portfolio Manager, BTG Pactual
"GEMM, BTG Pactual's main Hedge Fund, invests in dividend futures as a diversified source of alpha generation. Euronext has already offered more price transparency, liquidity and competitive pricing. We target to grow our market share with Euronext alongside the global development of the dividend futures market."

Martino Boffa - Director of Investments, Alternative Structures, McKinley Capital Management
"The McKinley Capital Dividend Growth Fund has invested in Single Stock Dividend Futures since their first introduction in Europe; it has invested in Euronext's new contracts which provide a wider opportunity set, at a competitive rate."

Jad Comair - Founder and CIO, Melanion Capital
"With the issuing of more than 200 Single Stock Dividend Future contracts, Euronext has stepped into the dividend future game with an impressive commitment to bring the game to the next level. The universe is growing alongside investors' appetite to get exposed to this unique and innovative asset class."

Riad Doussouki - Equity Derivatives Trader, Natixis
"By developing a wide range of Single Stock Dividend Futures, Euronext adds a new source of opportunities for our client trading activities. This initiative will improve the market efficiency and increase Natixis' capacity to satisfy a growing client appetite for this asset class."

David Lenfant - Co-founder, Laffite Capital
"Thanks to more than 200 Single Stock Dividend Future contracts now available at Euronext, our investment managers may detect new investment opportunities and improve the global allocation of our dividends portfolio."