AMX-Index® Futures

AMX-Index® Futures
Unit of trading


Delivery months

Initial lifetime: 1, 2 and 3 month futures - Cycle: every month


Index points (e.g. 500.00)

Minimum price movement (tick size and value)

Central Order Book: 0.10 Index points (€5 per contract)
Basis Trade & Large-in-Scale Facility: 0.01 index points (€0.50 per contract)

Last trading day

Trading ceases at 17:00 CET on the third Friday of the delivery month. In the event that the third Friday is not a business day, the Last Trading Day shall normally be the last business day preceding the third Friday

Exchange delivery Settlement Price (EDSP)

Price determined on the Last Trading Day as the average of the AMX-index values calculated and disseminated at one minute intervals between, and including, 16:30 and 17:00 CET. The EDSP value is rounded to two decimal places

Última actualização
Mon, 01/02/2016
Trading Hours

Central Order Book 09:01 – 17:30 CET
Large-in-Scale Facility: 07:00 – 18:30 CET

Trading platform



Central order book applies a price-time trading algorithm with priority given to the first order at the best price

Wholesale service

Basis Trade, Large-in-Scale Facility, AtomX.
See the “Euronext Wholesale Facilities” document for the minimum size thresholds


LCH.Clearnet S.A.

Exchange contract


Expiry months

1, 2, 3 monthly


Cash settlement based on the EDSP

Settlement day

First business day after the Last Trading Day

Contract Size

Contract valued at € 50 per index point (e.g. value € 25,000 at 500.00)

Please refer to Amsterdam Notice AN 12–22 issued on 26 July 2012 which provides details of the procedures to be followed when determining the closing settlement price in case of special market circumstances.

This product may not be offered and sold to US persons