Total Return Futures

The Total Return Future on the CAC 40® Index has been developed by Euronext in order to meet clients’ need for a listed solution to trade total return swaps. With increased capital requirements being imposed by Basel III and EMIR, the new total return future contract offers strong netting advantages while providing a transparent and secure trading environment to access the implied equity repo rate on the constituents of the CAC 40 Index.

Key Benefits of Total Return Futures on the CAC 40:

  • A cost-efficient solution replicating the economics of a Total Return Swap  
  • Strong margin offsets with CAC 40 Index Future exposure
  • Quarterly maturities up to 5 years, meeting the needs of long-term investors
  • On-screen price transparency and liquidity provided by market makers quoting a spread as an annualised rate in basis points (+/-)
  • Limited counterparty risk with central clearing provided by LCH SA.

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