Stock Options

Euronext lists stock options (also known as individual equity options or IEOs) on hundreds of leading European companies via the Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris Central Order Books.

Stock Options on the Central Order Book

More opportunities to trade blue-chip stocks

Growth in the equity options market has been significant in recent years as more investors use options to enhance their equity portfolios. Equity or stock options provide exposure to the underlying security. The value of an equity option fluctuates based on movements in the value of the underlying shares.

Equity option holders have the right, but not the obligation, to buy (call) or sell (put) the underlying value at a pre-agreed price within a certain period or on a specific date.

Versatility and leverage for broader trading opportunities

Equity options are primarily an efficient risk management tool. However, they offer a number of other advantages:

  • Leverage profit opportunities: when the market rises (or falls), the percentage gains (or losses) exceed the rises (or falls) in the underlying shares
  • Lock in a pre-determined sale price for shares
  • Protect stock holdings from a decline in market price
  • Generate extra income
  • Benefit from a stock price rise without incurring the cost of buying the stock outright.

More trading opportunities with innovative options products

Euronext also offers weekly options on Single Stocks and spotlight options, which allow market participants to request the creation of new options classes.