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Equity Derivatives - Spotlight Options

The Spotlight Options segment is dedicated to the creation of new option classes requested by market participants on Euronext’s Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris derivatives markets.

With short-term maturities of 1, 2 and 3 months, these option products allow Euronext-listed SMEs, recent listings or underlying assets with notable market events or activity to be put in the spotlight on the request of market participants, with the aim of encouraging these classes to grow and become mature option classes. Spotlight Options are supported through a combination of liquidity provision and dedicated promotion. If these option classes take root, additional maturities may be introduced.

Additional investment and trading opportunities
Euronext now has 40 Spotlight Option classes available for trading. More than 578,000 spotlight options contracts have been traded[1] since the launch of the segment in July 2014.

Increased liquidity and visibility
Spotlight Options benefit from Euronext’s established liquidity provider model, providing onscreen bid and ask prices throughout the trading day.

Promotions to standard option segment
Spotlight option contracts can be promoted to the standard option segment, including Altice S.A. in May 2015, BE Semiconductor Industries and Euronav in September 2015 and ABN AMRO Group in December 2015. The lifetime of these contracts has therefore been extended.

Expanding in response to market demand
Introduced first on Euronext’s Amsterdam and Brussels markets, the Spotlight Options segment was extended to its Paris market in October 2015.


Underlying value

Euronext Brussels derivatives market

Ablynx, Celyad, EVS, Melexis, Telenet, Ontex, D’Ieteren

Euronext Amsterdam derivatives market

Accell, Euronext, Sligro, Grandvision, Refresco-Gerber, IMCD, Flow Traders, ASR Nederland, Coca-Cola European Partners, Intertrust, Philips Lighting,, Sif Holding, Koninklijke VolkerWessels

Euronext Paris derivatives market

AB Science, Coface, Elior, Elis, GTT, Tarket, SPIE, Worldline, Parrot, Rallye, Rexel, Nicox, Amundi, Ipsen, Ipsos, Nanobiotix, Orpea, Rubis, DBV Technologies


[1]Volumes single counted 30 June 2017

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