European Index Derivatives

The two new derived European blue-chip indices, the Morningstar® Eurozone 50 Index℠ and Morningstar® Developed Markets Europe 100 Index℠, were developed through a strategic collaboration between Euronext and Morningstar. The new indices are positioned as competitive alternatives to existing products and form part of the Morningstar Global Index Family, meeting industry demand for product creation opportunities and risk management tools that can help investors access consistent exposure to European markets and manage risk in their portfolios.

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Launched in January 2018, Euronext’s Futures on the Morningstar® Eurozone 50 Index℠ offer market participants access to an efficient hedging tool, provide additional trading opportunities and can allow investors to realise capital efficiencies.

Why trade the new Futures on the Morningstar® Eurozone 50 Index℠?

  • Cost-efficient alternative to existing products
  • Competitive prices: lower transaction costs than other European index futures
  • Added flexibility for your investment portfolio
  • Liquidity provided by trusted market makers
  • Transparent and secured trading environment, with clearing provided by LCH S.A.
  • Opportunities for margin offsetting against CAC 40 and AEX futures.

Leverage on a strong collaboration between Euronext and Morningstar, based on Morningstar’s open index licensing model.

US firms now have cost-efficient access to European blue chips through Euronext's Eurozone 50 Index Future contract. This new future on the Morningstar Eurozone 50 Index may now be offered and sold in the US, and has been authorised for trading through direct access from the US. 

Liquidity Provider Programmes 
Morningstar® Eurozone 50 Future factsheet

To find out more about trading futures on the Morningstar® Eurozone 50 Index℠ and Morningstar® Developed Markets Europe 100 Index℠, please contact us:

Amsterdam: +31 20 721 4261
Brussels: +32 2 620 1540
Lisbon: +351 21 060 0626
London: +44 20 7076 0907
Paris: +33 1 70 48 2843


MorningstarThe indices are part of Morningstar Indexes and included in Morningstar’s Open Indexes Project, which delivers Morningstar’s global equity indices for no cost to the investment community for benchmarking purposes. Meeting industry demand for disruptive business model solutions via low cost licences, the Open Indexes Project gives free access to 95 global equity indices.

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