Corporate Actions

Notice numberUpdatedEffectiveEvent TypeSymbol
Amec Foster Wheeler - 20170305 Oct 201706 Oct 2017expand  Merger/Takeover (Updated)expand  AMEC FOSTER WHEELER
Air Liquide 20170802 Oct 201702 Oct 2017expand  Bonus issue (Updated)expand  AIR LIQUIDE SA
Software AG 20170929 Sep 201702 Oct 2017expand  Change of ISIN/Change of Nameexpand  SOFTWARE AG
Biomerieux 20170819 Sep 201720 Sep 2017expand  Stock split (Updated)expand  BIOMERIEUX
Stada Arzneimittel AG 20170718 Aug 201718 Aug 2017expand  Merger/Takeover (Updated)expand  STADA ARZNEIMITTEL AG
Stada Arzneimittel AG 20170318 Aug 201718 Aug 2017expand  Merger/Takeover (Updated)expand  STADA ARZNEIMITTEL AG
Aberdeen Asset Management - 20170311 Aug 201714 Aug 2017expand  Merger/Takeover (Updated)expand  ABERDEEN ASSET MANAGEMENT
EDP Renovaveis 20170307 Aug 201707 Aug 2017expand  Merger/Takeover (Updated)expand  EDP RENOVAVEIS
Wolseley 20170728 Jul 201731 Jul 2017expand  Change of ISIN/Change of Nameexpand  WOLSELEY
Rubis 20170727 Jul 201728 Jul 2017expand  Stock split (Updated)expand  RUBIS
METRO AG - 20161212 Jul 201713 Jul 2017expand  Demerger/Spin-off (Updated)expand  METRO AG
Banco Santander 20170705 Jul 201706 Jul 2017expand  Rights issue (Updated)expand  BANCO SANTANDER SA
Christian Dior 20170405 Jul 201727 Jun 2017expand  Merger/Takeover (Updated)  
The Navigator Company SA 20170630 Jun 201703 Jul 2017expand  Special dividend/Return of Capital (Updated)expand  THE NAVIGATOR COMPANY SA
Compass Group plc - 20170526 Jun 201727 Jun 2017expand  Return of Capital and Consolidation (Updated)expand  COMPASS GROUP
NSI NV 20170620 Jun 201720 Jun 2017expand  Reverse Stock Split/Share Consolidation (Updated)expand  NSI NV
UBI Banca 20170609 Jun 201712 Jun 2017expand  Rights issue (Updated)expand  UBI BANCA
SCA B 20170609 Jun 201712 Jun 2017expand  Demerger/Spin-off (Updated)expand  SCA B
Banco Popular Espanol SA - 20170607 Jun 201707 Jun 2017expand  Nationalisationexpand  BANCO POPULAR ESPANOL SA
Davide Campari Milano SpA 20170505 Jun 201708 May 2017expand  Stock split (Updated)expand  DAVIDE CAMPARI-MILANO SPA