Corporate Actions

Notice numberUpdatedEffectiveEvent TypeSymbol
CGG 20160629 Jul 201620 Jul 2016expand  Reverse Stock Split/Share Consolidation (Updated)expand  CGG SA
Delhaize Group 20150626 Jul 201625 Jul 2016expand  Merger/Takeover (Updated)expand  Ahold Delhaize ex-event
Ahold 20160722 Jul 201625 Jul 2016expand  Merger/Takeoverexpand  KONINKLIJKE AHOLD NV
ING Groep 20160721 Jul 201622 Jul 2016expand  Change of ISIN/Change of Name (Updated)expand  ING GROEP NV
Ahold NV 20160718 Jul 201618 Jul 2016expand  Return of Capital and Consolidation (Updated)expand  KONINKLIJKE AHOLD NV
Zardoya Otis SA - 20160713 Jul 201614 Jul 2016expand  Bonus issue (Updated)expand  ZARDOYA OTIS SA
RED ELECTRICA CORPORACION SA 20160608 Jul 201611 Jul 2016expand  Stock split (Updated)expand  RED ELECTRICA CORPORACION SA
SFR Group 20160707 Jul 201608 Jul 2016expand  Change of ISIN/Change of Nameexpand  NUMERICABLE-SFR
Koninklijke KPN 20160624 Jun 201624 Jun 2016expand  Special dividend/Return of Capital (Updated)expand  KONINKLIJKE KPN NV
Nokia 20160517 Jun 201617 Jun 2016expand  Special dividend/Return of Capital (Updated)expand  NOKIA
Fagron - 20160617 Jun 201617 Jun 2016expand  Rights issue (Updated)expand  FAGRON
Nokia 20160316 Jun 201617 Jun 2016expand  Special dividend/Return of Capital (Updated)expand  NOKIA OYJ
Nyrstar 20160507 Jun 201607 Jun 2016expand  Reverse Stock Split/Share Consolidation (Updated)expand  NYRSTAR
Valeo 20160506 Jun 201606 Jun 2016expand  Stock split (Updated)expand  VALEO SA
Elis 20160603 Jun 201606 Jun 2016expand  Special dividend/Return of Capitalexpand  ELIS
Banco Popolare 20160603 Jun 201606 Jun 2016expand  Rights issue (Updated)expand  BANCO POPOLARE
USG People 20151201 Jun 201601 Jun 2016expand  Merger/Takeover (Updated)expand  USG PEOPLE NV
Societe BIC20160530 May 201630 May 2016expand  Special dividend/Return of Capital (Updated)expand  SOCIETE BIC
Banco Popular Espanol 20160527 May 201630 May 2016expand  Rights issueexpand  BANCO POPULAR ESPANOL SA
Abertis Infraestructuras 20160527 May 201630 May 2016expand  Bonus issue (Updated)expand  ABERTIS INFRAESTRUCTURAS SA