AEX-index mini options

AEX-index mini options
Quotité de négociation


Mode de cotation

Euros per index point

Echelon minimum de cotation (tick et valeur)

Central Order Book:
If the premium of an order at order entry is below or equal to the premium threshold, the tick size is € 0.01 (€ 1 per contract)
If the premium of an order at order entry is above or equal to the premium threshold, the tick size is € 0.05 (€ 5 per contract)
The premium threshold is equal to € 1.50
Large-in-Scale Facility: € 0.01 (€ 1 per contract)

Date échéance

Trading ceases at 16:00 CET on the third Friday of the expiry month. In the event that the third Friday is not a business day, the Last Trading Day shall normally be the last business day preceding the third Friday

Cours de liquidation ("Exchange Delivery Settlement Price" - EDSP)

Price determined on the Last Trading Day as the average of the AEX-index values calculated and disseminated at one minute intervals between, and including, 15:30 and 16:00 CET. The EDSP value is rounded to two decimal places.

Dernière mise à jour
Ven, 02/02/2018
Trading Hours

Central Order Book 09:01 – 17:30 CET
Large-in-Scale Facility 07:00 – 18:30 CET

Legal Delivery/Expiry Month

Initial lifetime: 1, 2 and 3 months Cycle: Every month


Central order book applies a price-time trading algorithm with priority given to the first order at the best price. Depending on the outcome of the Liquidity Provider auction, in certain classes Price/Time preferencing can be active, which means that Primary Market Makers (PMM) have a right to a certain percentage of the turnover traded at the PMM’s best bid or offer

Négociation hors carnet

Large-in-Scale Facility, AtomX.
See the “Euronext Wholesale Facilities” document for the minimum size thresholds

Chambre de compensation

LCH.Clearnet S.A.

Exercise day

Exercise until 19:45 CET on Last Trading Day only


1, 2, 3 monthly

Option style

European style
Holders of long positions are only entitled to exercise their options on the expiration date.


Cash Settlement based on the EDSP

Jour de règlement du dénouement

First business day after the Last Trading Day

Contract Size

Contract valued at € 10 per index point (e.g. value € 3,900 at 390.00)

U.S. Regulatory Position
Members should note that U.S. Persons are not permitted to engage in transactions in the Mini Index Derivatives Contracts, pending approval from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.  The Exchange will advise Members in due course if and when such approval is granted.