Dividend Derivatives

Euronext lists exchange-traded derivatives contracts that allow investors to take positions on dividend payments.

Dividend Index Futures
Single Stock Dividend Futures

Our CAC 40 Dividend Index future hit record volumes in 2017 with year-to-date growth of over 100%. In response to market demand, Euronext launched a 6-year maturity on the contract, which traded shortly after its introduction in September 2017. The CAC 40 Dividend Index future was approved by the CFTC in June 2017, and is now directly tradable from the US.

We offer the widest choice of Single Stock Dividend Futures to investors with more than 290 contracts available for trading, many of which are only available at Euronext. Thanks to competitive fees and initial margin levels, combined with a larger multiplier, our contacts provide strong added value to investors. 

We would like to thank all those who have trusted Euronext for their dividend investments. We continue to work with all our customers to widen the scope of opportunities in this exciting and developing asset class.

What our clients say

BNP Paribas  Antoine Deix BNP Paribas

Antoine Deix - Equity & Derivatives Strategy,
Head of Global Dividend Strategy, with Paul Vivier - Forward Trading Europe

BNP Paribas has been involved in the CAC dividend index contract launch, and market maker on screen daily since the early stage of the contract life. We remain committed to the development of listed index futures in general, and have become an industry-recognised leader in most of these markets over time. On CAC dividend index futures, BNP Paribas is top player in terms of market share and consistency in pricing and will strive to improve liquidity even more going forward. 

Melanion Capital  Jad ComairMelanion Capital

Jad Comair - Founder & CIO

Euronext's impressive issuing of more than 200 dividend futures shows they are clearly committed to the development of this product range that is innovative and complementary with their existing products. Record volumes seen this year on contracts like the CAC 40 dividend index future show that their clients are clearly following them on this path, and the best is yet to come!

Lafitte Capital Management  Arnaud YvinecLafitte Capital Management

Arnaud Yvinec - Managing Partner

Thanks to the CAC 40 Dividend Future's strong liquidity and to Euronext's coverage of all its components at the single name level, it is now easier to invest in French companies' dividends. We are hence able to seize new arbitrage opportunities which represents a concrete added value.

Societe Generale  Massimiliano PignatelliSociete Generale

Massimiliano Pignatelli - Head of European Forward Trading

Societe Generale provides liquidity for CAC 40 dividend Future, we have witnessed and accompanied the development of the contract.

Our leading market share on Euronext single stock futures franchise translates our commitment to the success of this attractive product range, as a key player on Euronext we do believe in the future of this alternative solution for dividend investments.