Volcube: improve your options trading, via a dedicated education platform

Improve your options trading via a dedicated education platform

Euronext is pleased to partner with Market Squared, a subsidiary of OSTC, to offer a special tailored version of Volcube, the options education platform. 

Volcube, developed by Market Squared, is an easy-to-use interactive platform offering training on options trading for first timers, advanced options traders and everyone in between. This version has been created in partnership with Euronext and will feature AEX-Index®, CAC 40 Index, Milling Wheat and Heineken options classes giving users a risk-free learning environment containing the options traded on Euronext.  Start with the basics and steadily increase the complexity of the simulations as your knowledge base and trading skills increase. Volcube gives a realistic representation of live trading and facilitates the transfer of complex options theory into action.

Learn more about the training platform and sign up for a 14 day free trial.

Use the ‘custom play’ and ‘option mini-games’ along with other functionalities to test your trading skills and knowledge on some of the most heavily traded option classes available on Euronext.