Total Return Futures

The Total Return Future on the CAC 40® Index is a new product developed by Euronext in order to meet clients’ need for a listed solution to trade total return swaps. With increased capital requirements being imposed by Basel III and EMIR, the new total return future contract will offer strong netting advantages while providing a transparent and secure trading environment to access the implied equity repo rate on the constituents of the CAC 40 Index.

Key Benefits of Total Return Futures on the CAC 40:

  • A cost-efficient solution replicating the economics of a Total Return Swap  
  • Strong margin offsets with CAC 40 Index Future exposure
  • Quarterly maturities up to 5 years, meeting the needs of long-term investors
  • On-screen price transparency and liquidity provided by market makers quoting a spread as an annualised rate in basis points (+/-)
  • Limited counterparty risk with central clearing provided by LCH SA.

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