Codes and Classification
CodeMarketEuronext AmsterdamVol.-
Bid and Ask ()
Best Bid-Size0()
Best Ask-Size0()
Last Trades ()
Settlement 5 Days ()
Market Data
Last ()-
Qty Last Trade0
Change D/D-1(%)0
Total Day Qty0
Settlement ()-
O.I. ()0
Open ()-
High ()-
Low ()-
High ()-
Low ()-

Note: Settlement price is for the trading day

Vol - (Volume) is the number of contracts traded in the most recent transaction.

Day's Volume - Number of trades that have taken place so far in the trading day. This figure updates as the day progresses and more trades take place.

+/- Price of last trade compared to yesterday's settlement price.

Settl - The previous day's settlement price.

O.I. - (Open Interest) is the outstanding long and short positions of the previous trading day updated in the morning each day.