Corporate Actions

Notice numberUpdatedEffectiveEvent TypeSymbol
Sky 20161210 Oct 2018To be Announcedexpand  Merger/Takeover (Updated)expand  SKY
Gemalto N.V.20171214 Sep 2018To be Announcedexpand  Merger/Takeover (Updated)expand  GEMALTO NV
Energias de Portugal 20180515 May 2018To be Announcedexpand  Merger/Takeoverexpand  ENERGIAS DE PORTUGAL
Shire 20180408 May 2018To be Announcedexpand  Merger/Takeover (Updated)expand  SHIRE
NEX Group Plc - 20180507 May 2018To be Announcedexpand  Merger/Takeoverexpand  NEX GROUP PLC
Linde20161209 Nov 2017To be Announcedexpand  Merger/Takeover (Updated)expand  LINDE AG
SNS Reaal NV 20130210 Mar 2016To be Announcedexpand  Nationalisationexpand  SNS REAAL
Standard Life Aberdeen 20181015 Oct 201822 Oct 2018expand  Return of Capital and Consolidationexpand  STANDARD LIFE ABERDEEN
Unilever 20180905 Oct 201805 Oct 2018expand  Restructure (Updated)expand  UNILEVER NV
EssilorLuxottica 20181002 Oct 201802 Oct 2018expand  Change of ISIN/Change of Nameexpand  ESSILORLUXOTTICA
Telenet 20180802 Oct 201802 Oct 2018expand  Special dividend/Return of Capital (Updated)expand  TELENET GROUP HOLDING NV
Honeywell 20180928 Sep 201801 Oct 2018expand  Distribution of Sharesexpand  HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL
Nordea Bank AB 20180928 Sep 201801 Oct 2018expand  Change of ISIN/Change of Nameexpand  NORDEA BANK
WM Morrison Supermarkets 20180926 Sep 201827 Sep 2018expand  Special dividend/Return of Capital (Updated)expand  MORRISON (WM) SUPERMARKETS
Randstad 20180424 Sep 201824 Sep 2018expand  Special dividend/Return of Capital (Updated)expand  RANDSTAD NV
Telenor 20180919 Sep 201820 Sep 2018expand  Special dividend/Return of Capitalexpand  TELENOR
RELX NV - 20180207 Sep 201810 Sep 2018expand  Restructure (Updated)expand  RELX NV
Thrombogenics 20180907 Sep 201810 Sep 2018expand  Change of ISIN/Change of Nameexpand  THROMBOGENICS NV
Ontex 20180704 Sep 201804 Sep 2018expand  Merger/Takeover (Updated)expand  ONTEX
Kinnevik 20180808 Aug 201809 Aug 2018expand  Distribution of Shares (Updated)expand  KINNEVIK B