Dividend Index Futures

The CAC 40® Dividend Index and the AEX® Dividend Index measure the cumulative value of ordinary gross dividends declared by the index constituents of the CAC 40® Index and AEX-Index®, respectively, calculated on the ex-dividend date and expressed in terms of index points.

Both indices run for a one-year period from the trading day following the third Friday in December to the third Friday in the following December.

Futures on the CAC40® Dividend Index and AEX Dividend Index enable investors to take a view on the value of the CAC 40® Dividend Index and on the AEX® Dividend Index on expiry date.

Why trade Dividend Index Futures?

Dividend Index Futures provide a number of trading opportunities:

  • Trade dividends as an asset class
  • Portfolio diversification possibilities due to low correlation between dividends and other asset classes
  • Leveraged trading of dividends without having to take a position in the underlying
  • Additional tool to manage dividend risk

'BNP Paribas, as market-maker on the product, has seen increased volume in 2017, and more interestingly, increased client flows. CAC 40 dividend swap futures are now considered as a liquid instrument bringing diversification to our clients' portfolios.'
Paul Vivier - BNP Paribas, Forward Trading

Company: BNP Paribas
Contact: Paul Vivier
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Execution Brokers

Company: OTCex Group
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Company: Key Capital Partners
Contact: Edoardo Fabris - Equity derivatives broker
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Company: Key Capital Partners
Contact: Javier Tomás- Equity derivatives broker
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