Rapeseed oil and meal derivatives

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Rapeseed oil and meal derivatives

Rapeseed oil and meal available for trading

Euronext’s combined Rapeseed derivatives complex was launched in 2014 and complements our existing Rapeseed futures and options contracts by offering the industry futures and options contracts on Rapeseed meal and Rapeseed oil.

A Rapeseed complex responding to the high volatility in the oilseed sector
The Rapeseed meal and Rapeseed oil contracts provide a clear response to the high volatility in the oilseeds sector and give industry players a way to hedge their entire purchase and output chain as well as their crushing margin.

Rapeseed oil, thanks to its chemical properties, is a key component for the European diesel blending supply chain, especially in winter.

Developed in close cooperation with the Rapeseed community, the new futures and options contracts have been designed to meet the needs of market professionals who want to use appropriate price hedging tools.

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