Euronext Commodities

The World’s Benchmark for Commodities Trading

Euronext has experienced much growth in its portfolio of commodity futures contracts in recent years in response to market needs. Our commodity contracts have long been relied upon as trusted global and European benchmarks for products including Milling Wheat, Rapeseed and Corn.

These futures contracts, alongside the associated options contracts, are used extensively as price discovery and risk management tools by producers, exporters, trade-houses, refiners, wholesalers and manufacturers. In addition, they are actively traded by managed funds, institutional investors and proprietary traders looking for exposure to soft and agricultural commodity markets.

High levels of liquidity combined with the price volatility inherent in the underlying markets provides a wide range of trading opportunities over both the short and long term, as well as offering effective portfolio diversification. Trading strategies commonly used in these markets include calendar spreads and arbitrage against other related markets.