Euronext Inventory Management

As the leading pan-European marketplace, Euronext’s aim is to serve the real economy by bringing together market participants in venues that are transparent, efficient and reliable.

As part of that aim, Euronext is launching a service that supports the dematerialisation of physical commodity products.

Euronext Inventory Management

Transferable electronic certificates & warrants system for commodities.

EIM is an electronic platform, developed by Euronext together with key industry players, aimed at providing a secure, fully transferable, pledgeable title of commodity ownership.

Key features:

  • enhances the existing delivery system
  • increases visibility of Euronext-listed commodities stored in non-Euronext delivery silos
  • supports secure and transferable title for effective trade financing
  • brings more efficiency to trade financing with secure warrants that can be pledged and transferred.

Euronext Inventory Management has been developed to meet the needs of market participants, silos and trade finance banks across the pan-European marketplace.