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Dairy Complex Commodities

The dairy complex covers futures contracts on:

Euronext’s dairy complex was launched in spring 2015 following the abolition of the European Union’s milk quota system. 

The complex responds to potential high volatility in European dairy prices, helping the industry to:
- manage risk
- protect margins

Milk quotas were originally initiated under the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy. They expired on 31 March 2015, leading to liberalisation of production and potential volatility in the European dairy industry.

In addition, global demand for milk is increasing while supply chains are unpredictable.

Within this context, Euronext’s dairy contracts provide a clear response to the high volatility in the dairy sector. They offer players in the dairy industry a way to manage their risk and protect their margins across the entire dairy complex.

Developed in close cooperation with the dairy community, the futures and options contracts have been designed to meet the needs of market professionals who want to use appropriate price hedging tools.

Dairy complex contract specifications
Skimmed Milk Powder
Unsalted Lactic Butter
Sweet Whey Food Grade Powder

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